Ozark is Breaking Bad if the whole family were in on it.

1. Rachel Garrison

2. Ben Davis

3. Buddy Dyker

4. Wyatt Langmore

5. Russ Langmore

6. Ruth Langmore

7. Charlotte & Jonah Byrde

9. Marty Byrde

10. Three Langmore

11. Sam Dermody

12. Maya Miller

13. Trevor Evans

14. Charles Wilkes

15. Wendy Byrde

16. Roy Petty


17. Sheriff Nix

18. Jacob Snell

19. Mason Young

20. Frank Cosgrove, Jr.

21. Darlene Snell

22. Omar Navarro

23. Camino Del Rio

24. Cade Langmore

25. Nelson Bonilla

26. Helen Pierce



Ohio-born, LA-based comedian.

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